MO Racing was created to inspire, mentor and amplify opportunities to drive, crew or avidly spectate at or around the race track.  We have built a vehicle for encouraging and promoting participation in STEAM or STEM fields. ​

Automotive Education

From young girls in underserved communities to businesswomen across the country, everyone should have a basic understanding of his or her vehicle, its operations, and simple maintenance. MoRacing gathers groups to share this basic understanding to empower women and fuel passion for all things automotive.

Promoting Women in Automotive Industry & Motorsports

There are many talented women in professional motorsports, many emerging talents, and many women who are leading automotive industry work. The MoRacing team works to promote and share the message of these women. From professional IndyCar drivers, to weekend racers, and everything in between, we believe that when women work together, we win.

Race Track Experiences & Education

Traditionally, spending weekends at the racetrack has been considered to be a “man’s thing”. MoRacing wants to change that. We invite women (and their families, of course) to join us at a weekend track event. To smell the fuel, feel the excitement, and learn more about life on track. If a woman feels inclined, we invite her to drive on track with us in one of our available vehicles in a high performance driver’s experience.